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WhatsApp Upgraded Privacy Features and Lets Users Turn Off Online Status

It has been rumoured that WhatsApp is developing a number of new features that will give users more control over their privacy and other settings. These under-development features have been under testing for some time now. Today Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced 3 new features that will allow users to silently exit from group chats, control or turn off their online status and screenshot prevention from ‘view once’ messages.

The first one is pretty handy one as till now Whatsapp doesn’t have any feature that prevents users from adding anyone in to a group chat without their permission. However, this is a much needed feature since we all have been added to groups without our permission or interest and getting out of them may look odd as everyone will see that “xyz has left”. Therefore, the new feature will allow you to silently leave the group without anyone noticing except for the admins of the group. I hope someday Whatsapp may add a layer of permission when someone adds you to a group where you don’t want to be.

Whatsapp already has given users control over the Last Seen status but your online status is always visible to everyone. Now with the new update Whatsapp has also given user control of the online status just like the Last seen status. You can control who can see you online and who can’t. You can even turn it off and in other case let some of your selected contacts see you online.

Now for the 3rd feature, this is one of the most important updates. View once is a fairly new feature that allows you to view a photo or video once and once it is marked as viewed it gets deleted. The core purpose was to prevent photos and videos to be forwarded to others once viewed and was intended as a privacy control feature. But since the feature didn’t have any control over the screenshot capability of the smartphone it destroyed the whole purpose of the feature. As anyone can take a screenshot an forward any photo to others. Now Whatsapp has corrected the problem by preventing screenshot function on a view once media.

These new features should roll out for general users in the next coming updates. Along with these, there are more enhancements in plans, so make sure to keep your app updated.

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