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WhatsApp may increase time to delete sent messages

We all loved it when whatsapp released its feature to let the user delete a sent message for everyone with a time limit of 8-minutes. This was tweaked by the app to over an hour. Recently there had been rumors that Whatsapp is may further increase this time limit up to as long as 3-months. That never came out, as frankly that time limit could be too long. However, it has been in rumors that there still are plans to increase that time limit may be by a few hours.

More recently it has been reported on several reliable sources that on its latest v2.22.15.8 beta release, WhatsApp has increased the time limit to delete sent messages to 2 days and 12 hours for some users. Telegram is the nearest competing messaging app with Whatsapp and it allows its users to delete sent messages within 48hours after sent. Presumably whatsapp is seeking to gain a 12 hour advantage over their competitor.

This is worth mentioning that there is no notification of any sort from whatsapp regarding the increase in time limit. Therefore, you can just test it out on your own manually by sending a message and trying to delete it in a couple days.

In addition to this, word has been around that whatsapp is also working on another feature that will allow group admins to delete messages from any member of the group for other members. This feature may roll out in any future updates.

The extended time limit to delete sent messages has been rolled out to some beta tester (as per the news) and is expected to be released for all in any upcoming stable update release.

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