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What Can a Data-Only SIM Card Do?

The cost of data is falling, therefore there are lots of amazing discounts to be had when it comes to Lebara data-only SIM cards. Although data-only SIM cards are typically used for mobile broadband in hotspots or to connect SIM-enabled devices to the Internet, you may be asking what else you can do with a data SIM and whether you can use it in your normal smartphone. Yes, and there are a few things you can do with a data-only SIM and your smartphone.

Why Get a Data-Only SIM Card?

You may purchase a data-only SIM card for your smartphone for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you no longer use your smartphone for traditional calling and messaging. If you typically communicate with your friends and family using internet-based services such as Whatsapp, FaceTime, iMessage and Facebook Messenger, it may make more sense to buy a SIM that simply gives data because you are unlikely to utilise traditional minutes and messages.

Another incentive to purchase a data-only SIM is that it may be used to transform a device into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. When a device operates as a modem, other devices such as cellphones, computers, tablets, and game consoles may connect to the internet. Portable hotspots connect to the internet via the mobile network, allowing you to get online even when there is no Wi-Fi accessible. This can be useful if you're taking your work to a favourite local café that doesn't have a public Wi-Fi network, or if you're moving and won't be able to connect to the internet for a time.

Both standard phone SIMs and data-only SIMs appear identical. The main difference between the two is that the data-only SIM will only have a data allotment and will not allow you to talk or text. Some data-only SIM cards allow you to make and receive phone calls, although you may be charged extra for this service.

What Is the Price of a Data-Only SIM Card?

The cost of your Lebara data-only SIM card will be determined mostly by the amount of data you require. If you only require a few of gigabytes of data, this is likely to be significantly cheaper than, say, an unlimited data SIM. It is good to compare many solutions that fit your requirements before deciding on the best one for you. Along with this, make sure you understand how much data you require — for example, if you have home Wi-Fi and just want to use the data SIM at home, you generally won't require as much data as someone who intends to use the data SIM elsewhere like in the car or as a hotspot for multiple devices.

Because of the widespread availability of internet-based messaging and calling apps that most of us use today, most individuals could easily get away with utilising a data-only SIM for their smartphone. If you solely use internet based applications to communicate with your family and friends, such as Facetime, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype and Telegram, they all utilise the internet to connect and do not require you to have any minutes or texts in your quota. If you're content with using these applications for messaging and calling, you might save money by getting a data-only SIM for your phone.

However, how much data you require will determine whether or not you save a lot of money. It's also worth noting that not all data-only SIMs will allow you to receive call and text messages, which might be an issue if a firm is attempting to contact you in the usual method, or if you're waiting for a call back regarding a job interview, for example. Some will enable you to make phone calls and send text messages as needed using your data SIM; however, you will normally have to pay per minute or per message, so keep this in mind if you want to utilise this option. If you expect to make a lot of calls or send a lot of messages, a conventional phone SIM plan with minutes and texts included is likely to be the most cost-effective option for you.

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