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Things to Consider Before DIY Phone Repair

Without a smartphone, modern day life is incomplete and charmless. From business to education, smartphone has taken it all by storm and being connected to the source of infinite information, the internet, the smartphone is playing a significant role in learning and communication. Whether you seek information and entertainment or want to connect with your loved ones, your smartphone does it all for you. However like all electronic devices, your smartphone is also made up of very tiny components that can malfunction from time to time due to any physical damage or ageing and may require repairs to function normally.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is. Nowadays with the availability of all sorts of replacement parts, you phone can be repaired in very little amount of time. However, it costs money, which includes value of the parts and repair services. This is the reason many people try to or at least want to DIY repair their phones in order to save costs. Others search for smartphone reparatie service providers to get the work done professionally. This is the moment to consider an important factor that you need to make the correct decision as a bad decision could lead to higher repair costs and/or an irreparable mobile phone.

This is about making you understand the risks involved in a DIY repair attempt.

Step 1 – Full Backup

Now, it doesn’t matter that you repair the phone yourself or you go to the professionals, it is highly recommended that you make a full backup of your phone before moving forward. There is a high probability that your phone may lose all the data even if it is being repaired by a pro.

DIY Smartphone Repair

As mentioned earlier, whether you find a DIY adventurous or the cost benefits are the driving factor, you must understand in advance about what you are getting into and learn about the device that you are about to explore. As the end results may be much more devastating than expected.

Technical Understanding

The most important aspect is knowing the complexity and delicacy of the modern day smartphones. The second is knowing for sure that you can handle all different parts and components that run your phone. We highly discourage trying a DIY on your smartphone if you feel that you are not knowledgeable technically enough to dismantle your phone.

Smartphone Model & Type of Damage

If you have qualified the 1st step than next you need to understand and identify what type of repair is required. In most cases, the type of damage is self-explanatory of what type of repair your device requires. However each repair has its own complexity. Like battery replacement is an entirely different type of repair job than changing the screen. Also, the repair approach and difficulty level is also a varying factor across different brands and their respective models.

Availability of Replacement Parts

By now we understand that you are technical geek at heart but still you are new to the smartphone repairing arena. Here comes a real hustle, now you need to get your hands on to high quality replacement parts. This may not seem to be a big problem but it’s bigger and more complex than it may seem. Since you have no experience in the field you may be tricked into buying low quality spares at a considerably higher price. One thing you need to always keep in consideration is that with low quality spares you may certainly need to go through the same again and again. TIP: High quality replacement parts does not mean the original replacement parts, some 3rd party parts manufacturers also produce higher quality spares.



· Cost Effective

· Fun Learning for Technical Geek


· Risk of causing a major damage

· Very difficult to execute

· Higher Cost in case of extended damage

Now, we have explained in good detail about all the potential risks associated with a DIY phone repair. Now it’s up to you to decide what you plan to do. In any case, we highly recommend not performing a DIY and hand over your phone to the professionals at Yaar Telecom in order to ensure quality repair work which can deliver optimal performance of your smartphone.

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