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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – The Most Sold Note Phone In Recent Years

Samsung Galaxy Note Series has been one of the most successful smartphone series for Samsung. Very recently Samsung decided to discontinue its note series and merge it with the Galaxy S line up‘s Ultra model. “Starting from this year, Galaxy Note will appear in the form of S Ultra every year,” said Samsung’s mobile boss TM Roh. The decision might not seem to be much liked by the users but it is being reported that this strategic change has reaped good benefits for the company as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has now been reported as the most sold Note phone in recent years.

A screenshot was posted on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site, showed that Samsung has sold out 10.9 Million units of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra so far. This surpasses the previous record for the company which was the sales of 10.3 Million units of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 released in 2017. After which the number of units sold for Note Series were not so overwhelming. This might have led the company to change the game and strategically overhaul its flagship smartphone line up and merge it with the Galaxy Ultra Series. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a new Note phone without the name in it and it seemed to go rather well with the Note Fans. Despite having a hefty price tag of $1,199 the Note fans bought it like crazy. Now with Galaxy S23 series scheduled to hit the shelves in early 2023, Samsung has already sold almost 11 million units of S22 Ultra.

Samsung is also gambling on the non-conventional foldable smartphones. This decision of merging the Note Series with the Ultra line up might also help the company towards marketing its foldable models. It is yet to be seen how the users respond to these new foldable smartphone over the coming years.

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