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Risks Involved in DIY iPhone Battery Replacement

Every long time iPhone user is well aware of the fact that the battery life on your iPhone worsens over time. Even Apple has admitted the problem with the batteries exists. There are numerous options for replacement parts are available in the market. The question is, should you try a DIY iPhone battery replacement? Well we think you shouldn’t, below are the reasons why.

1. Insurance & Warranty Void

The most important point is that you must consider that all new iPhones come with a one-year warranty. The warranty of your phone will be void if you purposely break your phone. Doing a DIY battery replacement counts as such and will void your warranty and insurance. Today’s smartphones are complicated and tampering can be easily identified by a professional. We recommend that if your phone is still under warranty than you should go to apple and get your battery replaced. This will keep your warranty intact for the rest of the warranty duration.

2. Doing More Damage Than Good

As we said earlier that modern day smartphones are much more complicated devices in comparison to the old Nokia devices. Smartphones are not meant to be opened other than a trained professional. Performing a DIY has a high probability that you might end up damaging some other area of your iphone in an attempt to replace the battery. Opening up your phone doesn’t seem that difficult, however putting it back together is not that simple. So this is another reason not to try a DIY as you may end up damaging your iPhone in a way that will cost you more to fix.

3. Reliability of the Fix

Let’s just assume that you are able to safely open and close your iphone without causing it any further damage. The real maze is selection of the battery out of a dozen of options available. This is a tricky part. Do you know that Apple does not sell replacement batteries to the public? The replacement batteries are manufactured by 3rd party manufacturers and there is a serious reliability issues with them. Buying online is risky. Why go through all that just to discover that the new battery you installed is in worse condition than the old one? You'll have to change your iPhone battery all over again.

Replacing a smartphone battery necessitates the use of tools that you most likely do not have at home. You should also keep everything extremely clean, since any dust or dirt that gets lodged inside your iphone might be disastrous. We would recommend that you leave battery replacement to the professionals to save time and frustration.

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