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Google Pixel Watch: A co-processor with plenty of RAM and Storage

Exonys 9110 chip, a four year old processor was rumoured to be powering the new pixel watch. This news was met with heavy criticism over the internet. However the latest new reports suggest that infact the news about the four year old chip was true but the Pixel Watch will come with a co-processor in support. Other sources also confirm the news of Samsung chip along with a co-processor powering the Pixel Watch designed to share the load off with the main 9110 processor.

The new Pixel Watch has been hyped up a lot and has been termed as Google’s prized in-house wearable. But such a premium product using a four year old chip didn’t go well with the users. As users were worried about the performance issues that the new watch might have with the power hungry Exonys 9110. However the latest reports suggest that it wont be the case as the co-processor is designed to make the watch able to unload low power tasks onto it. I guess we will have to find out when the product actually hits the market.

Further details regarding the specs of the watch also reveal that the new Pixel watch will have double the storage (32GB) from its predecessor Google Watch4. Which is more storage than any other watch out there in the market right now. Regarding the RAM it is not clear as of now that how much RAM the new watch will have but it clear that it might have RAM more than 1.5GBs. Google didn't reveal many details about the gadget during its introduction at Google I/O. So yet, this is the only information we've received on what users may expect.

These basic information should reassure customers that the Pixel Watch will be a quality product. It remains to be known how much it will ultimately cost. Google has stated that it will be a high-priced device. However, it will undoubtedly want to keep the watch cost competitive.

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