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Get Your iPhone repaired with Yaar Telecom

A mobile phone has become an essential part of our lives today and is used excessively throughout the day. Everyone of us has faced phone damage at some point of time. Whatever the cause it may be, the first and foremost priority for anyone is to get it fixed and running instantly. With our reparatie services at Yaar Telecom, you can always be sure to trust the experts get your iphone repaired in no time.

How to get your iPhone repaired?

Well, its very simple. We make sure that we always keep in stock all the required components and replacement parts for iPhones. Combined with the high level skills of our repair experts and availability of replacements parts always at hand, you can get your iphone repaired in the least possible time. All you need to do is get in touch with us and submit your phone. Let’s talk about some of the most common damages that require repair.

Battery Replacement

Have you noticed in recent times that your iPhone is not giving you enough standby time as it used to. This will happen sooner or later as batteries are a consumable component of any phone and overtime lose health and require replacement. On average batteries last for about 2 years but they may last longer depending on your usage and how you care for them. Below are some indications that tell you that its time to replace your iPhone battery.

Indications for battery replacement:

· Battery health fall below 85%

· Slow Charging

· Deteriorated standby duration

· iPhone does not turn on and not charging

iPhone Cracked Screen Replacement

This is probably one of the most common repair jobs that we perform. With the help of state of the art tools and gadgets, we are really good at it. In case you have a cracked screen by accident and your iPhone is still operational, we recommend you to take a full backup of your phone and get in touch with us to get it fixed immediately. Why? Because you never know how quickly the crack in the screen can escalate. The other problem is the cost. If you delay with repairing your cracked screen then it will probably increase the repair cost by damaging other components inside.

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

It is known that iPhone’s back glass is quite fragile and is easily cracked. This damage may not cause any immediate effects to the functionality of your iPhone but overtime the cracks can allow dust and moisture to penetrate and damage your phone from the inside. This is can also cause your phone to shutdown completely. So it is highly recommended that you get your iPhone repaired as soon as possible.

Water Damage

With the newer models it is less likely that you will get such a phone damage as they are water resistant. Still we cannot rule it out because there are a few reason that can cause water damage to your iPhone. If you have been to places and stayed for a longer duration with high humidity like a sauna or if you went out swimming and had it in water for a long time or in deep waters, your iPhone can certainly get water damaged. Just bring your phone and we will get it fixed in no time.

iPhone Charging Port

This is one of the more common problems that require instant repairs. The symptoms are simple like, your iPhone may be dropping charging due to loose connection or may be not charging at all. We recommend that the first thing you do is test different charging cables to cross check and ensure that you are getting same results on other charging cables as well. If yes then your iPhone charging port needs to be repaired.

For us it is a common problem as we often repair iPhones that require lightening socket repairs. This is not a very complicated procedure and you can get your iPhone repaired in no time.

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