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7 Habits That Ruin Your Smartphone Battery Life

Modern smartphones have common battery problems that begin to emerge after an year of using a brand new phone. But this is not always the case. Battery life can be extended by taking some precautionary measures while using and charging your smartphone. Here are 7 habits you probably have that are ruining your phone battery life.

1. High Brightness

There is a reason why smartphones feature auto-brightness. The function keeps your screen viewable while also preventing extra load on your battery, which will require you to replace your phone battery too soon. A constantly bright screen puts significant load on the battery and constant use of high brightness on your phone will causes heavy battery damage.

2. Extreme Temperatures

When it comes to damage, you already know that exposing your phone to water is a major concern. Extreme heat and cold are also issues. If you allow your phone to freeze or overheat, you should expect to need a new battery shortly. Modern smartphones are designed for a certain temperature range. Above or below that temperature is damaging to the battery as well as your phone overall.

3. Low Power Mode

This is another another feature that exists for a reason. Low power mode adjusts your iPhone's battery life according to the percentage it is at and protects it from additional damage.

4. Over Charging Your Phone

It is seen that people in many instances put their phones on charging at night while sleeping and the phone remains on charging overnight. It is highly recommended that you unplug your phone after the battery is fully charged. Leaving it plugged in after it has reached 100 percent charge might harm the battery. It is preferable to charge your phone throughout the day, even if in short bursts, rather than overnight, when it will remain completely charged for hours.

5. Letting Your Battery Die

Allowing your phone's battery to go all the way to zero is very bad for the battery. It's even worse than pushing it past 100%. These two practices may necessitate smartphone’s battery replacement. To keep the battery in excellent condition, plug in your phone when it is around 30% charged.

6. Using Mobile Data

Mobile data consumes far more battery. WiFi is more battery-friendly than data. It's also less expensive in most circumstances, therefore there are two compelling reasons to utilize it.

7. Constantly Quitting Apps

Opening and shutting apps consumes system resources and battery power. Such behaviors might shorten the life of your iPhone's battery. Leave applications open while using them rather than shutting them completely between each new application process.

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